Here are 10 reasons you, as a Landlord, need to have Rules for your Tenants.

  1. Rules are established to reinforce your beliefs about the way your rental building should run, and define what is acceptable and what is not.
  2. Rules unite tenants around a central set of beliefs and boundaries regarding the building and their neighbors. Rules create a powerful building identity that will even become known within the greater community.
  3. Rules need to be relevant and current, and give tenants direction.
  4. Rules help a tenant know where the line is drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  5. Rules pertain to managing resources and the function of your building. They are about managing time, tenant relationships, and rental resources.
  6. Rules should be enforced within the context of the Rental Agreement and be based on a desire for your tenant to succeed.
  7. Rules should be set up to assist tenants in upward mobility, enabling them to get to a place where they want to go, They should not be designed to penalize tenants and hinder their forward progress in life.
  8. Rules are not set up to demonstrate landlord authority or control. Rules are in place for tenant protection and benefit.
  9. The ultimate intent of creating and enforcing rules in your rental is to help tenants maintain relationships with other tenants.
  10. Rules need to make sense and benefit the tenant and their experience with the product, process and the people that surround them.