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Google’s study provides insights into customer loyalty

Google released a new study which speaks to the tenant-landlord relationship. The question asked was: “What’s most important when booking travel?” … but the same answers apply to being a great landlord or property manager. What did Google find as most important? 60% said Customer Service (not lowest price) 55% said easy-to-use website 50% said

The true story of Security Deposits

If you’ve been a tenant you know that renting an apartment is expensive. Especially the first month with the security deposit and first & last month’s rent. Most tenants hope and expect to get their entire security deposit back from the landlord or property management company. We researched a local property management company with over

Anatomy of a Renter

Thanks to Apartments.com some great insights on tenants & renters. 72% of renters turn to the internet first. 88% percent trust online reviews! And we have a solution to improve your online reviews. Contact us to find out how! View entire PDF of the Anatomy of a Renter.

How to Find Good Tenants

It is always the first big challenge after buying a multi-family property – how do I find a great tenant to trust with my property? Check out this article from Avail.co – a ton of insights. How to Find Tenants You’ll Love

Investment Calculator for Landlords

Every Landlord starts the journey evaluating his possible investment in a rental property. The investment calculator IRRCalculator.pro is the perfect starting point for understanding your numbers. IRR Calculator PRO will provide a full analysis of your commercial real estate property investment including: Cap Rate 10-Year Cash Flow Net Operating Income Cash on Cash Return And the